Testbeds overview

The iMinds iLab.t technical testing facilities host multiple state-of-the-art technical testbeds and advanced testing equipment. The iLab.t technology centre is located in Gent, Belgium, and can in many cases be operated remotely.  However, it is also possible to connect additional (third-party) equipment and/or integrate third party software in the testbeds.

The two most used generic testbeds in iLab.t today are the "Virtual Wall" and "w-iLab.t".  In addition, an ambitious third experimentation environment, "Homelab" is being set up.

  • The Virtual Wall is our primary test environment for all testing and experimentation activities related to wired networks and solutions (e.g. distributed software and service evaluation, scalability evaluation, validation of protocols, stress testing, ...) [more information] [technical documentation].
  • The w-iLab.t testbed is our primary test environment for all testing and experimentation activities in the field of wireless networks and solutions (e.g. validation of networking protocols, scalability testing, testing under different interference conditions, spectral monitoring,...) [more information] [technical documentation].
  • The portable testbed is a portable version of a wireless testbed. The functionality can be compared to the w-iLab.t testbed, with the added flexibility that it can be installed in any environment  [more information] [technical documentation].
  • iMinds Homelab (working title).  Homelab will become a residential test environment and innovation incubator that will stimulate the collaboration and cross-fertilization between stakeholders in the field of research, development and innovation, for academics, research institutions, enterprises and governmental bodies.  Flexible walls, technical corridors, hollow floors and ceilings make it possible to easily install and replace new technologies as the technological evolution continues and guarantee that Homelab will be able to host and test the technologies of the future.

The iLab.t facilities are connected to the Internet through the Belnet network, as such facilitating demanding interconnections with external servers or applications.