iLab.t people

Piet Demeester - director of iMinds Future Internet Department

Piet Demeester is professor in the faculty of Engineering at Ghent University. He is head of the research group “Internet Based Communication Networks and Services” (IBCN) that is part of the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of Ghent University. The group is focusing on several research topics: Network Modeling, Design & Evaluation; Mobile & Wireless Networking; High Performance Multimedia Processing; Autonomic Computing & Networking; Service Engineering; Content & Search Management and Data Analysis & Machine Learning. The research of IBCN resulted in about 50 PhD's, 1250 publications in international journals and conference proceedings, 30 international awards and 4 spin-off companies. Piet Demeester is also director of the Future Internet Department of iMinds. He is Fellow of the IEEE and his is currently involved in over 20 FP7 projects (including several projects in the area of Future Internet Research and Experimentation).

Brecht Vermeulen - general manager iLab.t


Brecht Vermeulen received the MSc and PhD degree in Electro-technical engineering and leads research teams which investigates network and server performance, quality of experience and advanced search engine technology. Since the start of iMinds, he also leads the iMinds technical test centre iLab.t where he started among other things the local deployment of Emulab based Virtual Wall. 

Bart Jooris - lead iLab.t wireless facilities


From September 2002 until March 2004, Bart Jooris developed hardware, firmware and device drivers for the retail business with NV Real Software (now Centric Belgium). He joined iMinds/IBCN in 2004. Between March 2004 and January 2007, Jooris collaborated on several national and European projects. Since 2007 he has been in charge of the wireless segment (w-iLab.t) of the iMinds Technical Test centre iLab.t in Ghent, Belgium.  

Stefan Bouckaert - business developer iLab.t

After receiving the MSc degree in electro-technical engineering from Ghent University, Stefan joined iMinds-UGent-IBCN  as a research engineer in 2005 where he obtained the PhD degree in 2010 while also participating in several demand-driven projects in the field of wireless communications. He continued to work at iMinds-IBCN as a postdoc, investing most of his time in the general and technical management of the CREW (Cognitive Radio Experimentation World, setting up a large-scale testbeds for cognitive radio/networking) project, funded by the European Commission through their FP7 program. In 2012 he became iLab.t’s business developer and is now helping SMEs and industry to tackle their ICT-related testing and performance measurement challenges by using the iLab.t facilities and services.

Wim Van de Meerssche - senior researcher

Wim Van de Meerssche received a masters degree in computer science from Ghent University, in 2004. He has been working at iMinds-IBCN since. He has been involved in several national and European research projects, which frequently involve network experiments on the Virtual Wall. He is also developing software tools for iLab.t.

Pieter Becue - iLab.t wireless facilities

Pieter Becue graduated in 2008 as Master in Industrial Engineering: Computer science. He has been working at iMinds-IBCN since. He has been involved in several national and European research projects and is currently co-responsible for maintaining the wireless (w-iLab.t) & wired (Virtual Wall) test facilities at iMinds iLab.t.

Vincent Sercu - iLab.t wireless facilities

Vincent Sercu graduated in 2011 as a software engineer, and has been working with iMinds-IBCN since. Besides being co-responsible for the smooth running of the iMinds iLab.t wireless experimentation facility, he's also developping innovative tools and extentions. This whilst being active in various testbed-related European FP7 projects.



More people, and the iMinds expert pool

In addition to the people above, many other persons have contributed to iLab.t as it exists today, on conceptual and/or technical level. Thanks to all of you for your contributions!

In addition to the iLab.t staff, over 800 iMinds field specialists are available to help answering specific questions. For information on the iMinds expertise, please consult the general iMinds website or contact us for more information.