Our offer

iLab.t helps you to design, develop and optimize your ICT solution.

iLab.t does not only offer hardware and experimentation tools: over the past years, the iLab.t team and the iMinds researchers have built experience on experimentally-supported and experimentally-driven research, backed up by a solid technical knowledge. As such, iMinds iLab.t is able to provide proper guidance throughout the full research, development, and experimentation cycles:

  • Technology discovery and feasibility analysis: iLab.t is your partner for studying the feasibility of your ICT innovation. If your ICT idea or solution is feasible, it is important to identify possible performance gains, alternative technologies, or unforeseen pitfalls. If your ICT solution proves not to be feasible, technologic advice can be given on how the solution can  be improved.
  • Performance and scalability analysis: When designing new or improved ICT-products, it is important to be informed about the relevant performance characteristics of your solution, so it can be fairly compared with competing solutions on the market or with previous versions of your own product. The iLab.t team determines the relevant performance metrics, and depending on the specific case, measurement techniques previously applied in related research and developments may be reused, or custom-tailored measurement methodologies can be created.
  • Strategic advice: The iLab.t team or iMinds experts can answer your questions related to the performance of ICT solutions. Moreover, technical integration and deployment issues can be analysed and solved.  If your problem proves to be a routine issue, iLab.t can help you to find the right partners.


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What we do - and don't do

Still not sure whether iLab.t can help you?  The following table provides you with a non-limitative overview.

What iLab.t does
providing access to experimental facilities, software tools and measurement equipment
technical feasibility analysis
performance analysis and comparison of technologies and technical solutions
scalability analysis
advice on / development of performance and scalability measurement strategies
providing support to experimenters using the technical facilities
consultancy service: run experiments for you and/or analyse the results


What iLab.t does NOT do
compliance and conformity testing
routine implementation