Getting started

The easiest way to learn more about iMinds iLab.t and/or to start a collaboration is to contact us now to discuss your needs and expectations.  If you do have the time and basic technical skills to explore the iLab.t testbeds on your own, you can directly apply for best effort access. To be able to use all testbed features at a large scale and to get professional support, a premium access option is available.

Best effort access

Accounts to iLab.t are provided on request.  Free best-effort access to unused resources can be made available both for non-commercial and commercial use. Especially for SMEs and industry, we strongly suggest to contact us before requesting an account in order to provide you with the best possible service. When asking for an account, please include following information with your request:

  • why do you want access to iLab.t?  (e.g. research project X, commercial use, ...)
  • what is your professional affiliation?
  • how do you intend to use the resources, and how many resources do you expect to use?

If a free account is granted, you furthermore have to agree to the following:

  • you will provide us with feedback on your experiments (of course no confidential information is needed)
  • if iLab.t results are used (publications, white papers, ...)  you agree to mention iLab.t in your publication and include the iLab.t URL (
  • we give no warrantees on availability of resources and accept no liability in relation to the use of iLab.t
  • a usage quotum may be set in place during busy periods

Premium access

Premium accounts allow you to reserve resources in advance (and thus to get access to more resources at the same time) and to get professional custom-tailored support and consultancy services.  Premium access is typically used by industry and SMEs, and by research projects using a substantial amount of resources for an extended time.

Please contact us for details and pricing information.