Welcome to iMinds technical testing: iLab.t

Developing and testing innovative ICT solutions and releasing new products in today’s complex and dynamic ICT environment is a challenging task. The diversity of hardware, software, wired and wireless networking technologies and architectures, and the multitude of existing ICT techniques and standards results in an endless amount of innovation opportunities. As a researcher or developer, surviving the innovation jungle requires technical expertise, the availability of efficient development tools and accurate measurement equipment, as well as access to reliable and often large-scale experimentation environments in which ICT solutions can be developed, optimized and tested.

What we do

iMinds iLab.t technical testing offers access to the hardware, measurement equipment, user-friendly software tools and professional technical expertise needed to efficiently prototype, develop, and test your ICT innovations. Based on an extensive technical infrastructure and years of development and testing expertise in analysing the technical feasibility, scalability, performance, and service quality of ICT solutions, the iLab.t staff and collaborating iMinds researchers are ready to assist you throughout the entire design, development and performance evaluation cycle of your innovative product, application or protocol. When necessary, new measurement strategies, development tools or software components can be developed, even for specific ICT applications.